Mission and Vision

In line with the thoughts of philosopher Harry Frankfurt I believe there are certain things we care a lot about. We care about them so deeply they could be considered core values in our life. We simply cannot imagine ourselves acting in contradiction with these values.


The things we care about can be very different. We can care about our parents or kids, good food, being generous or feeling energetic. The point is: no matter what we care about, our caring drives us to act in certain ways (and not in others).

Since the things we care about can be very diverse, they sometimes contradict one another. This is problematic. It makes us feel as if we are split in two and don’t know which way to go.

Non-matching or contradicting values are recognizable both in personal and work situations. We may find honesty important, but find ourselves in a situation where honesty will lead to the dismissal of a colleague or something else we don’t want. Not smoking, or eating healthy food, can be very problematic for many people too: in a way they want the healthy lifestyle, but another part of them seems to be unable to stop the desire for smoking or eating unhealthy snacks. Friendship and work can also clash: you might feel really tired and have to work tomorrow, but a good friend also has a small party in town: will you go?

Knowing which values are most important can help you decide when you encounter non-matching values. It offers a focus and helps you through difficult decisions. The same goes for the moments when you decide on which value you will act: knowing how your values are connected and which ones you find more important will make your decisions easier and better.

Values can be connected to certain things we already have and want to keep and they can be connected to things we want. In both cases a goal is implied. In the first instance we would like to sustain a certain situation. In the second case we try to achieve something new, or create another situation. Both cases have – in their own way – a target. We could call this target our mission. Our mission, what we want to do, is strongly connected to what we care about. They are related reciprocally: we will feel motivated to reach for things we care about and value highly, and we need goals to be capable of sustaining or achieving what we care about and value highly.

 Mission & Vision

Goals are an important part of being human. A life without direction feels wrong, makes no sense and will be boring. Together with values, goals give great direction to our lives.

Your mission can help you understand how your values are related to each other, what they might lead to in future times, what developments are necessary and what might develop from your values. Your mission takes into account what your most important values are, what direction your values give you and what you aspire (both from your values and other reasons). Together these will form your mission. A mission has to be tangible and actionable to give insight in your desired action-path.

Even though we might find ourselves slightly divided over certain matters, in general we all have a certain human vision that suits our values and mission. This vision is hard to change and will remain roughly the same throughout your life. Your vision is the general frame in which your values and mission come together. It will give insight in why you do the things you do. What your vision embodies can be unreachable, you might envision a way of interacting with other people that is impossible to reach (always), but this higher end will give you an idea of what you are doing things for. It can offer a frame; set a way of thinking that elevates your self-understanding. Your vision is thus connected to your values and mission and gives insight in how you view the world, people around you and your connection to them and the world.

Discovering your values, mission and vision

I have developed a methodology to find and define your most important values and to formulate your mission and vision.

After figuring out your values, we will talk about your mission: what do these values mean in a more practical perspective? After formulating a mission that you can identify with, we will search for the vision that is lying behind your values and mission. Together, values, mission and vision will help you focus; recognize what you care about in both your social life and in your carrier; and why you are acting as you are. They will help you make choices and give insight in why you acted in certain ways before. Discovering your values, mission and vision will also help you understand what you need to do before you can reach your goals.

If you are interested, please contact me. I will shortly explain what sorts of assignments are involved and how we can meet to get to the core of you.