Who I Am

I am Judith Martens. I studied behavioral change (applied social psychology) and am finishing my master in philosophy. My interests lie in human behavior, our motivations for acting, the influence of the environment, intentions, intentional acting, unintentional acting and the impact of unintended acts.

At the Custom Control Centre in the Netherlands I invented and tested a successful interventions to make their communication better within the risk reporting system. I also organized a workshop on positive (both verbal and non-verbal) communication.

This blogging project started partially through the good support of Leedo Daniels, with whom I work together for Sugar Habits. Sugar Habits is a social media platform in development, that will teach people how to change their health behaviors through the learning of new (positive!) habits. See also sugarhabits for more information.

I love to share my thoughts and think about solutions from a behavioral perspective. If you are interested please contact me. I am open to present or talk about the topics I blog about and beyond.